The process of learning any modern language today can be improved and quickened by using certain modern technologies. Students of the English language likely have more modern tools available for language study than students of any other language. Here is an introduction to some useful technology for language students.

While there are many modern tools for language study, one of the most useful is an iPod Touch or an iPhone. They are not essential for language learning, but they can be truly useful for English language students to study with. One of the best reasons to use an iPod Touch or iPhone is the convenient use of digital flashcards for remembering and studying words. There are many words to learn in most modern languages, and there are certainly a lot of words in English. The words can be entered into a flashcard application on a personal computer and sent to the iPod or iPhone, or conveniently entered directly on the touchscreen. There are also many flashcards already available for download in various applications for the iPod Touch and the iPhone. Flipping through a group of flashcards with a touch of a finger is a wonderful way to use modern technology to improve English learning.

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There are also numerous English learning applications and dictionaries available from the Apple App Store. There are free dictionaries available that translate from English into many languages. There are also applications that translate entire sentences or even paragraphs. A word can be copied from such a dictionary or translator and pasted into a flashcard application for review. English language television shows and movies are another great language tool available for download. Additionally, spoken language training in the form of an mp3 or another digital format can be studied from an iPod Touch or iPhone. Add the capability to browse web pages and the benefits are likely even greater. It is like having an English language school in the palm of one’s hand.

There are also many tools available for studying English language that can be used on a personal computer. One popular and free flashcard application is called Anki. Anki is available on Mac OS, Windows, and Linux operating systems. The application also has a lot of community support from its many users. There are already numerous English language flashcard decks available for download within the application. Another great flashcard resource is a website known as Quizlet and it also has many community members. There are many decks of flashcards already available in many languages on the Quizlet website for studying English.

Another personal computer option is language training software, such as Rosetta Stone. The Rosetta Stone software is relatively high priced for a language learning application, but it can be useful. The software has many features and one of its study modes shows flashcards as a photo with voice and also text. This can be a good way to remember many words and also a quick way to study. An iPod Touch is much more cost-effective, but both can be good for a serious English language student to use.

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