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Have you ever considered acquiring a new skill? Perhaps you have an interest in broadening your mind and studying a new course? What about delving into the world of languages to learn English for instance? Compared to pre-internet times, we now live in an age where learning, teaching and educating have never been quite so simple and easily accessible as before. One now has the ability of learning, studying and teaching skills, languages and courses online and the best part is, one can do so from the comfort of their own home.

In this article, we will highlight the best  online learning platforms out there, as well as mention the benefits and uniqueness of some of the most important platforms available today.  


When it comes to online teaching and learning, Udemy is most definitely one of the go-to online platforms available today. This platform offers individuals the chance to teach others as well as learn and study too. Udemy is regarded as on the most popular online teaching platforms as well as online course platforms around and boasts over 15 million students worldwide with more than 65,000 courses on offer.  It is a highly professional platform that allows the teacher to create courses/classes by making use of some simple yet effective creation tools including: video lectures, audio and text files, PDF documents as well as Powerpoint presentation files. These content creation tools enable the teacher to mould their course in their own specific and unique way. From an education and learning perspective, the student has an endless choice of course selections at their disposal, so whether it’s personal development, guitar lessons or even health and fitness, the student can enhance their knowledge and what’s best is that they can do this in their own time and at their own pace.


Similar to Udemy, Coursera is another popular online platform used by many worldwide. The main difference between the two is that whilst Udemy is more informal in its courses and enables almost anyone the chance to teach a skill or set up a course, Coursera is more professional and partners with well known universities and organisations from around the globe to offer students the chance to study a course and ultimately obtain a legitimate certificate such as a Diploma, Degree or even a Masters. With Coursera, one can choose from a wide variety of topics and follow in depth courses from different schools and groups. Once a course is selected, the student is given a schedule of lessons and course material to read and study. Coursera is perfect for those who wish to obtain certifications but cannot afford to travel to the universities of their choice, thus making it one of the most feasible and widely acknowledged online education platforms.


Skillshare  is a community marketplace for new skills and is available to the creators and anyone who wishes to teach can simply set up a class. This online platform offers a wide range of subjects to choose from and individuals can learn through video-based courses. There are over 20,000 courses available, most of which are geared towards the more creative subjects such as photography, writing, design as well as film. The Skillshare community is consistently growing and currently holds over 3 million people who often share insights and connect with individuals from various industries. This platform encourages the user to “do” rather than learn passively due it offering the student to work on practical projects which also includes feedback upon completion.


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Have you ever considered learning a language online ? Preply is one of the most popular online learning platforms for studying and learning a language.  Preply is very popular and has over 25,000 tutors and offers the student the chance to take language lessons (in multiple languages) both online over skype as well as locally with native speakers.  By using easy search filters, you can quickly find the perfect tutor you need for the language you wish to learn. You can even set up your lessons with your tutor according to your own busy schedule, which means that it is an incredibly flexible way to learn a language in your own time and at your pace.


Looking to learn a new language but don’t want to do it the conventional way through tutors and course materials ? Ororo is an online learning platform which contains tv shows and videos and aims to help individuals learn English. The way in which it does this is quite unique because not only are you able to have subtitles displayed in English, but you can also add them in your own language or even multiple languages at once. This online learning platform is perfect for beginners as it also offers the viewer the chance to slow down the video, rewind, fast-forward and also pause the video. Now this is where it gets interesting. By pausing the video, you can hover over the subtitles word by word and see what the words mean in your own language and also add the English words to your dictionary if you wish to study them later on . This makes learning English really simple and effortless as well as really enjoyable at the same time since you’ll be watching your favourite videos.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning  is one of the newest e-learning platforms that has emerged in recent times. It caters for both individuals as well as organisations who are looking to achieve their goals and ambitions. With over 400 million member profiles on the LinkedIn social platform itself and over a billion engagements, LinkedIn Learning knows exactly how jobs, organisations as well as skills change over time. Due to this insight, they are able to identify the skills an individual requires and may be useful for jobs and does so through a highly personalised method.


To summarise, whether you are looking to share insights and knowledge about your favourite topics, teach or learn specific skills or courses, follow an online degree or even learn a language, you can do so at ease from your own home without having to commute or relocate. Since technology has advanced so quickly and the internet has become a highly useful tool, electronic learning platforms have emerged as the preferred mediums for which to better one’s self and have proved to be highly educational, beneficial as well as thoroughly enjoyable.

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