Rosetta Stone, one of the most popular languages learning courses on the market today, bills itself as, “The fastest way to learn a language, guaranteed!”  The course is based on the principles of having fun and immersing yourself in a new language while learning in the same way you did with your native language.  The system is computer-based, which allows you to easily progress through the system.  Interestingly enough, the program uses no translation to compare the English language to a user’s native speech so that users don’t become confused with how their language is similar to the new one.

By learning English as a child would, the Rosetta Stone technique works faster and provides a better understanding of the language.  Users learn the proper way to use the basic sounds and words to English vocabulary, eliminating the broken English pattern that many new users have when using a translation system.  A user learns the style of speech just as if it was their native language.  In the same way, you would show your children flashcards with pictures and sight words, this system uses the same principles to create a fun and easy learning environment.

The technology uses a set of pictures and visual simulators to teach the various words and sentences needed to learn a language.  The system starts with sight words – for example, you may be shown a picture of an apple and then the system tells the user the correct word.  At this point, you’ll be prompted to repeat the word back.  If you pronounce the word correctly, you’ll be given the next word.  If not, the program will give you hits or tips to keep trying.

Once you’ve progressed through the vocabulary words, the system moves on to phrases.  The computer program will provide scenes of activity, such as a girl eating the apple.  During this stage the computer allows you to try to say the phrase without an initial hint.  If this isn’t possible, you’ll receive hints to help you progress.

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The Rosetta Stone Technology is currently available for individuals, businesses, schools, and home-schooled children.  To date, millions of users in over 150 countries have used this system to learn dozens of new languages, including English.  The system can be customized for users of all ages, from birth to 101 years of age, so that anyone can learn a new language with ease.

The company is based out of the Shenandoah Valley, but there are now offices all over the world. Products can be purchased online or by contacting the company directly.  You can access the system directly through the internet, or you can purchase a CD set that will be shipped straight to your front door.  The system also comes with a six-month guarantee.  If you aren’t completely satisfied with the system or how it works, you can return it for a full refund.  This is a great benefit for those who have tried other systems and are skeptical that it won’t work.

However, very few people experience problems with Rosetta Stone’s programs.  They’ve been named the number one language software company, and since its inception, the company has received many awards for excellence.

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