The Creation of this Site

A month ago, my friends and I have dreamed on how to compete globally.  We are three in the group, I am an English teacher, the other one is a web developer, and the last one is a computer programmer.  I have only a bit of knowledge about the World Wide Web.  It took me a lot of time in thinking of what will do on the web.  In short, I decided to create this site with their help. Since I am a teacher, they suggested that the best thing to do is something that I am familiar with.  And so, this site is created.  In fact, I just started on the firs week of June.  My focus is to share my earned knowledge to everybody.  The Englishsubject focuses on the Second Language where both the native speakers of English and those aspiring to learn English language will benefit. I’ve working as a training officer in a manufacturing industry engage in the world market.  Within a year as a lecturer, I found out that one of the biggest factors affecting the productivity of the worker lies on how broad the knowledge about the environment he/she is into.  And one of the best ways for a worker to become productive is to educate them about the underlying factors affecting their lives. English language is the medium of instruction used in my lectures.  Although once in a while I’m using the native dialect to give emphasis on some matter for them to grasp the ideas I’m trying to emphasize. Based on my researches, English is dominating the world market where some of the economic problem of a country rooted.  Therefore, everybody should have knowledge about what is happening in the world market. Today, most of the non-English speaking countries are trying to hire English teachers.  Why?  The answer is obvious,  they also want to become globally competitive.